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Advising and Consultation

For Daoist teachers and organizations, the Center for Daoist Studies provides guidance for understanding and teaching the Daoist tradition in an accurate way. This includes supplying educational materials. For non-specialist educators, the Center for Daoist Studies provides advice on effective pedagogical approaches for facilitating an accurate understanding of Daoism. This includes recommendations for reliable books and articles as well as sample syllabi. For academic programs, the Center for Daoist Studies gives consultation on effective ways of incorporating the study of Daoism and Chinese religions into university education. This form of consultation may include advice on faculty hires.  

• Donation-based offering


Academic Lectures

The Center for Daoist Studies offers a variety of lectures on the Daoist tradition. Intended for educated and university audiences, these formal lectures may be given in small group or large auditorium formats. Representative topics include introduction to Daoism, Daoist religious practice, Daoist body maps, Daoist literature, and Daoist material culture.

• Honorarium-based offering/donation-based offering


Continuing Education Classes

The Center for Daoist Studies provides continuing education classes for various organizations. These classes may include from 1-2 day workshops to multiple-week courses. We work with organizations to design classes that will fulfill their educational needs. This may include teacher-training programs for Daoist practitioners. Topics include Daoist history and literature, Daoist energetics and seasonal dietetics, Daoist anatomy and physiology, Chinese medicine, as well as Chinese history, religion, and society.

• Fee-based offering


Public Talks

The Center for Daoist Studies offers public talks on topics related to Daoism. Intended for a general audience, these public talks may be formal or informal. They may consist of directed study, discussion-based talks, or critical conversations. Public talks are appropriate for Daoist communities, primary and secondary school classes, inter-religious gatherings, or local communities. Topics include Daoist history, Daoism in contemporary Chinese society, American Daoism, and so forth.

• Honorarium-based offering/donation-based offering


To request a consultation or to schedule classes, lectures, or talks, please contact us.