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The Center for Daoist Studies currently engages in five principal activities: (1) Research on the history of Daoism, with particular attention to the diverse methods and contextual nuances of Daoist practice; (2) Education about Daoism as a Chinese religious tradition; (3) Translation of classical and contemporary Daoist literature into English; (4) Collection and archiving of historically significant materials related to Daoism; and (5) Dissemination of accurate and relevant information on Daoism in digital and media formats. The Center also aims at facilitating dialogue and networking among Daoist scholars, practitioners and communities both in North America and throughout the world.


Among these, our major area of concentration includes three collection and archival projects:


· Daoist Studies Archive. Collection of every major publication in Daoist Studies, with special attention to Daoist textual collections.




· Daoist Material Culture Archive. Collection of contemporary Daoist monastic materials. Currently includes texts, vestments, ritual implements, statuary, stele rubbings, paintings and liturgical recordings.  


· American Daoism Archive. Collection of materials related to “American Daoism,” including the full-spectrum of the religious and cultural phenomenon. Primary holdings include popular journals and newsletters, general-audience and popular publications, self-published books, paintings, diagrams, and webpages.


For more specific information and areas of need please see Collection and Archiving.